Mountain Biking at Malibu Creek State Park

The Esquires partnered with Corba Youth Adventures to tackle the trails of Malibu Creek State Park in Calabasas.

The trails provided a challenge and a historic television shoot location (M.A.S.H) provided a much needed rest spot.

One thought on “Mountain Biking at Malibu Creek State Park”

  1. The MCSP bike ride was great. All the Esquires and mentors enjoyed it. We went to the site where they filmed the popular 70s comedy M*A*S*H. We learned how to shift gears, coast and techniques to control our speed. I really enjoyed going down the huge winding hill (Century Hill) and (safely) flying down the mountain. It was a tiring 4 hours (especially with the weather), but I definitely want to do this again.

    -Esquire President

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