Alpha Esquires Alumni

Dominic Black

Gabriel Tanner

Aaron Beime

Submitted January 2016

Kahlil Andrews

Before I became a member of the Alpha Esquire Program, I had no idea what profession I wanted to pursue.  This program granted me the opportunity to interact with accomplished African-Americans in different career fields such as doctors, lawyers, teachers and engineers.  I made it my mission to absorb as much knowledge as possible, for each of their success stories held a valuable lesson that I could use once I began my college career.  Although I had a relationship with all the mentors, my closest bond was with the engineers.  They influenced my decision to pursue a career in civil engineering, and once I made that commitment they provided me with the tools to succeed.

When it was time to begin applying for universities, they made sure I chose universities that best suited me.  In addition, they provided me with scholarship opportunities and even wrote my letters of recommendation to make me more competitive.  I am currently completing my junior year at Fisk University, where I am majoring in Physics and Mathematics with a concentration in civil engineering.  I have to say the Alpha Esquire Program made a major contribution to my success.   My ultimate goal is to utilize my degree to give back to underprivileged African-American communities, a value instilled in me through this program.

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