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One of the primary reasons minorities do not achieve the success they desire, is because often they do not have access to individuals who can guide them towards their goals.  Recognizing this, Alpha Esquires has comprised a dynamic team of mentors eager to constantly sew into the lives of our mentees.  If an Esquire wants to be a doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, engineer, banker or anything else they can imagine, our program has a mentor ready, willing, and able to assist with traversing the troubled waters that often impede success.

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Education Enhancement
The Alpha Esquires program meets each and every mentee where they are.  Through constant assessment, Alpha Esquires mentors are able to identify a mentees shortcomings and provide them with the assistance needed to succeed. Our program is intensely focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM).  The Alpha Esquires programs is determined to reverse the glaring absence of minorities in these fields.  Our mentees will constantly be exposed to curriculum and mentors who have achieved great success in these areas.

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Community Service
The Alpha Esquires program is comprised of mentors who volunteer their time because we realize the value of giving back.  Blessings have been bestowed upon us for the purpose of giving them back.  This sentiment is at the core of the Alpha Esquires program.  An Alpha Esquire is required to participate in community service activities at the Los Angeles Food Bank, Los Flores Convalescent Home (Gardena, CA), Western Convalescent Home (Los Angeles, CA), and Macedonia Baptist Church’s House of Hope, just to name a few.  We want giving back to become woven into the fabric of their being.

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