Alpha Esquires Guidelines


Who Is Eligible To Be An Esquire:

Applicants must meet the following criterion to be considered for the Alpha Esquire program:

  • Be Male
  • In grades 7-12
  • Be familiar with and interested in the goals and objectives of the Alpha Esquire program
  • Willing to work hard to achieve the desired outcome – Success
  • Have obtained the permission of a parent or guardian to participate
  • Complete the Alpha Esquires Membership Application
  • Review the Essay Question and submit a 500 word minimum response


Alpha Esquires meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.  The 2nd Saturday is dedicated to education enhancement, while the 4th Saturday focuses on mentoring activities.  In order for an Esquire to receive the maximum benefits of the program, he must be present and willing to participate.  We do not expect 100% attendance, but active and engaged Esquires and families are preferred.

Our program strives to prepare youth to be successful in professional settings in both demeanor and appearance.  This being the case, all education enhancement activities are treated as business sessions. Esquires are required to attend these sessions wearing a white shirt, black tie, black pants (slacks or Dockers) and black dress shoes.

Mentoring activities are designed to be fun and afford Esquires and mentors the opportunity to engage one another one on one.  During this relaxed atmosphere, Esquires are required to wear an Alpha Esquire polo, t-shirt, or hoodie, which will be provided.  This will be enforced without deviation during field trips, as we want every Esquire to be readily identifiable.

As has been stated, improving academic achievement is one of the primary tenets of the Alpha Esquire program; therefore, Esquires are required to provide 10 and 20 week grade updates every semester.  This affords the Esquire, parent(s)/guardian(s), and mentor the opportunity to celebrate areas of success, and address areas requiring improvement.

Please Submit All Inquires To: