November 5, 2016 – Community Leadership Symposium (Update)

On November 5, 2016, the Alpha Esquires will facilitate a Community Leadership Forum at Crenshaw High School.  The symposium will feature with a panel discussion surrounding relationships with law enforcement. The panel is comprised of Judges, lawyers, District Attorneys, and police officers from various agencies.

The Community Leadership Symposium was a grand success.  In excess of 100 youth and members of the community members participated in an open discussion with:

The Honorable Allen Webster – LA County Superior Court Judge
Michelle Humphrey, Esq – LA County District Attorney’s Office
Nushaun Neal, Esq – Civil Litigation
Sergeant Aleta Iraldo – Los Angeles Airport Police
Sergeant Dominic Iraldo – Whittier Police Department
Sergeant Arthur Thomas – LA County Sheriff’s Department
Sergeant/Detective Taaj Muhammad -LAPD
Police Officer Deon Joseph – LAPD
Detective Dion Ingram – LA County Sheriff’s Department
Pastor Takim Brown – Faith Inspirational Missionary Baptist Church

The Symposium was moderated by actor/activist, Mr Joseph C. Phillips.

The afternoon was dynamic!  The youth were not afraid to ask tough questions, and the panelist were not shy!  This event was driven by truth as opposed to political correctness.  The panelist were adamant about providing the community with information on how to survive encounters with the police and what to do if civil rights violations occur.  The event left the community requesting a follow up symposium!  Stay tuned!  Our work is not done!

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